Rapid and efficient service

Stress-free queuing as customers are provided with personalized, real-time queue tracking information via clear and accurate digital signage, SMS alerts and apps. SMS alerts can be customized for real-time queue updates as required, ensuring the customer arrives when staff are ready to serve. When queues hit capacity, staff can offer to book appointments to smooth out demand, retain customers and deliver customer success.
Queue Management is a scalable customer management solution for multi-location organizations It welcomes customers professionally and consistently into busy stores and branches. It then intelligently uses configured, historic and real-time data to calculate queue times and manage customers, meaning customers receive accurate and personalized wait time information. It offers advanced reception, queuing and routing, seamlessly integrating with existing on-site infrastructure to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

The world’s most advanced queue management system

Customers join queues virtually, adjust their place in line and receive updates for just-in-time arrival - just like an appointment. It routes customers to the right staff, incorporating priority queuing for VIP clients.

Improving performance through personalization

Enable performance and service level analysis, streamlining customer service and reducing OpEx costs. Improve service based on potential deal size and availability of staff, rather than on a linear queue. Provide staff with bespoke cross-sell and upsell information to increase customer value and ROI.

Blend queues with scheduled appointments

Appointment scheduling functionality is built alongside queue management, useful for shifting queued customers to scheduled appointments in the future. Associate calendars display queued commitments and pre-scheduled appointments side-by-side, providing accurate availability of individual staff and flexible service operations.

Automated workflow management drives smarter queuing

Alert notifications inform agents and managers about exceptional events like exceptional wait times, VIP customer arrival, and maximum capacities reached. Back-office workflow management integrates offline processes such as form processing, product repair, test results, and examinations.

Automatic queue measurement systems

These use a variety of measurement technologies which predict and measure queue lengths and waiting times and provide management information to help service levels and resource deployment.