Tableau helps the world’s largest organizations unleash the power of their most valuable assets: their data and their people:-

Tableau, no more a new kid in the block anymore, is a unique data visualization analytical tool that helps you simplify the complex computing, data blending, and dashboard representation into a readable & understandable format. It comes with drag and drops functions that allow you to drill down data and see the impact in an interactive format for showcasing the insights. The diachronic process of representing data insights by identifying each data individually is the magic feature of Tableau.

It can manage millions of rows of data with ease and comes with real-time analytical capacity and cloud support. Tableau is flexible enough to meet your department's day to day challenges and powerful enough to make better decisions. You can delete, change permissions, add tags, and manage schedules from a centralised location. Almost all business sectors, from non-profits to global enterprises, and across departments, adapt tableau, for it is user friendly, quality prone, result-oriented, instant, and is accessible from anywhere in the world. It can be accessed on Android and iOS devices too. Whether it's social analytics, web analytics, customer data, or a mix of three, making better and faster decisions with data is the prime mission for marketing organizations. And with new apps, technologies, and channels popping up every hour, marketers must adapt and evolve their analytics strategies, skills, and data solutions to stay competitive in diverse scenarios. So, whether your marketing team is crawling, walking or running with data, it’s important to know how your analytics are working toward success today in order to progress tomorrow.