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As a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner, TSC enables businesses to rethink their economic models and organizational policies. To remain competitive, businesses need to continuously evolve and transform the performance of their relationships with customers.


Need advice on the best technology solution for your business or looking for an implementation and support partner for Microsoft applications?

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Data is future and future is data. The need to process data has never been greater and it is imperative for organizations to Collect, Curate and Consume data in a way that helps in decision making and improve business outcomes. Is your organization gathering the right…


One of the biggest transitions waiting to happen is in Cloud. The flexibility, efficiency and strategic value offered by Cloud solutions would position organizations to optimally invest in technologies that would support business offering and outcomes. Is your organization looking to shape up for growth?…


E-Commerce has transformed the way business is done today, and the backbone of this transformation is Technology. With the industry slated to continue rapid growth, organizations need the right technology solutions that positions them for growth by delivering unified…


With the rapid changes, businesses need continuously adapt to these. With the changing needs and strategies, the Finance function also needs to keep up with the business. It is imperative for finance to become as a trusted partner to the business to develop a high-performance…


If customers are to be at the center of everything an organization does, employees are to be at the periphery of this center. Your employees represent the organization and ensure the gap is bridged between customer expectations and delivery. The HR function thus plays the most…


One of the biggest disruption due to the pandemic was with the supply chains. The movement of goods and delivery of products and services were impacted resulting in imbalances in supply and demand. While organizations have been digitizing their supply chains for some time now…

Sales and Customer Experience

Customer experience encompasses the entire journey—from the initial marketing outreach or enquiry to the service or product purchase, from the purchase through the delivery of product or service and ongoing support for retention and growth. The customer cycle goes…

Modern Workplace

The world of work has been evolving over the past few years and the pandemic has just acted as a booster to this. Organizations are increasingly looking at models that sustainable, while still uncompromising on growth. The need is to combine people, process and technology…

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Technology is ever-present now, and the rapid evolution, is only going to become omnipresent in everything we do, hear, see, and experience.

Why TSC?

Microsoft at the Core

We had the choice to become “Jack of all Trades” or “Master of One”. We chose the latter and are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. We are all about Microsoft Dynamics and take pride in what we have achieved in a short period of time. Microsoft is best positioned with a suite of offerings that can support organizations across industries, geographies, and scale to leverage solutions that position them for profitable growth.

Our experience and expertise at the fore

We bring a combined leadership experience of 100+ years in Technology and Consulting, delivered 100+ projects since our inception in 2016, built a team of 100+ members with rich technical and functional experience and more than half of them certified by Microsoft, and an envy-worthy list of client-partners with 100% project success and retention rate.
data analytics

A unique partnership approach that allows us to deliver more

We don’t strive for our success, we strive for our client’s success, and our success follows. We do not believe in acquiring clients, rather building partnerships, and fostering lasting relationships where we have mutually agreed success factors and work collaboratively to achieve them. Large scale transformations are complex, and we ensure success by leveraging our unique blend of technical and consulting skills and knowledge.


Industries are converging. There are new opportunities being created for businesses each day. For businesses to capitalize on these opportunities, a strong technology platform would be imperative. From retail to manufacturing to mobility to health care, traditional industry boundaries are being disrupted, as sectors converge to adapt to technological and societal changes. At TSC, we help organizations in their digital transformation, whether it’s identifying the right technology solutions or migrating from legacy systems or building a data-driven technology culture.


Retailers today face unprecedented challenges as they respond to the new ways we work, live and shop. As retailers look to deliver on evolving customer needs, many are looking at technology solutions to help address these needs and challenges.


Manufacturing industry witnessed one of the biggest storm last year with significant disruption in business continuity, operational visibility, remote work, employee safety, and so on. However, organizations have responded, adapted, and are recovering.


The Financial Services industry shows no sign of slowing down in shifting towards digitization. The trend has only accelerated post 2020 as consumer expectations changed and operational complexity grew rapidly.


There has never been a more challenging time for the Healthcare industry. The pandemic has only amplified the need for higher and better investments, and Healthcare firms have their task cut out to improve care while managing data risks and cost escalations.


The automotive industry is being reshaped by evolving consumer need for more sustainable, efficient, and connected mobility solutions. The need is no longer for vehicles but solutions that enable smart mobility in the digital world.


Energy is at the heart of our day-to-day life. The way energy is being created and used is changing rapidly, and organizations are required to increasingly look at alternate sources that not only help produce energy in abundance, but also are sustainable and environment friendly.


The Real Estate and Construction sector is a key pillar in economic development and play a critical role in any country’s infrastructure needs for public sector, private sector, and individual consumers. The sector is one of the worst impacted due to the pandemic and is slowly paving a path towards recovery.


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    At TSC, we don’t acquire clients, we build Partnerships. We are designing an ecosystem with organizations that are driving the economies and transforming industries, and organizations that are supporting them with future-focused technologies. This ecosystem, we believe, will help shape up and continuously evolve the Future of Work, Workplace and Workforce.