Managing operational processes efficiently and productively is something every business owner desires. The solution lies in using a software system that integrates with the existing systems, improves productivity, is scalable to fit growing business requirements and delivers a comprehensive view of the business processes in real time. Microsoft Dynamics AX does this and more. A web based business solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX combines components of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) along with productivity applications, enabling businesses to adapt to changing market conditions, operate efficiently and thus providing a foundation for business growth. This business software is also embedded with powerful business intelligence tools and can be customized for finance, manufacturing, retail, distributions and services industries. It provides targeted solutions that meet industry-specific requirements. Cloud and on-premises deployments also provide the flexibility to choose what’s best for your business and help it achieve greater agility through more connected ways of working thus helping to create a sustainable growth. Many medium sized and large enterprises in Dubai, UAE, have been employing the services of Microsoft Dynamics consultants’ to derive the most value from implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX. This has enabled the companies to improve on their industry specific capabilities and gain an edge over their competitors. How does Microsoft Dynamics AX help in business growth? Companies around the world have been using Microsoft Dynamics AX to drive business outcomes, manage intelligent operations, and deliver outstanding customer experiences. Following are some ways Microsoft Dynamics AX can help your business grow:
  • It helps businesses overcome obstacles such as user or database limitations and slow performance.
  • It empowers your mobile workforce with real-time access to customer data and the capability to undertake business processes on the move thus improving productivity.
  • With everything accessible through a single easy-to-use personalized interface, businesses operations are easier to manage thus freeing up time to concentrate on the core processes that drives business growth
  • Built-in business intelligence and robust reporting features enables you to have access to business data in real time allowing you to make informed and smarter decisions related to your business thus giving your company the competitive advantage to progress forward.
Solution Global is one of the leading Microsoft Dynamics AX partner and consultants in Dubai, UAE. We deploy industry-specific Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions that integrate with existing IT systems to ensure optimal productivity. Our consultancy services enables us provide our customers with industry-specific solutions that helps transform their business processes and ease the pressure of managing growth and change within their business. Our solutions are scalable and can be customized to fit any requirement, timeline or budget. Take the next step towards your business growth by implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX. Contact us at Solution Global to know more.

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