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Businesses in Dubai and many parts of the UAE use advanced business application software packages to manage the various business operations especially ones related to customer service. Customer satisfaction is paramount to the success and growth of any business. An effective and highly automated customer relationship management (CRM) software package that is embedded and integrated into the master business automation software is critical to ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a CRM software application developed by Microsoft that is widely used by companies in Dubai. This application is part of the Microsoft Dynamics suite of software applications developed for managing business operations. The suite is comprehensive, flexible and scalable and ideal for deploying in all types and sizes of businesses. Many businesses use Microsoft Dynamics CRM package to effectively manage the sales, marketing and service functions of their business operations. The application is web-based and clients can access it on a standard web browser.

Many public sector companies use Microsoft Dynamics suite to manage their business operations including the Microsoft Dynamics CRM package to effectively manage all aspects of customer service.

What should a good CRM system do?

A comprehensive CRM system should be able to collect and analyze data from all customer interactions and deliver strategies and solutions that will enhance customer satisfaction and ensure customer retention and attract new customers to the services and products of the business. High end software packages like Microsoft Dynamics CRM has the capabilities built into to deliver these functionalities.

However, it is essential that the CRM software application is adapted and tailored to suit the requirements of your business. Many businesses do not have the skill-sets in-house to get this done. In such cases, it is imperative that the business avails the services of a reputed business consultant to develop and implement a CRM system. The consultant should be able to analyze and understand the business operation, the methods of customer interaction and then design a system to effectively manage this critical function of the business operation.

The consultant selected for this purpose should have the professional team to develop and implement the CRM system that meets the full requirement of the client. The Solutions Global FZCO is a business consulting practice based in Dubai providing consultancy services for businesses across UAE and other parts of the Arabian Gulf. The consultant team at TSC have the necessary expertise and experience to understand the requirements of its varied clientele and develop and implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM packages that suit their particular requirements.

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