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Industry trends


76% of retail companies say they’re targeting higher sales growth with machine learning.

95% of customer interactions will take place via bots by 2025.

69% of companies improved performance with AI beyond what existing analytic techniques were able to deliver.1

84% of enterprises believe investing in AI will lead to greater competitive advantages.

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Business pains

The latency between activities and reporting slows the decisionmaking process.

Data silos can limit or prevent holistic views of the business.


The disconnect between data scientists and business employees makes it difficult to leverage data to drive the business.


Why Microsoft AI?

The opportunity for AI to change your business is happening right now.
From creating powerful new customer experiences to optimizing your
operations, AI can make your organization smarter and more efficient
and help transform your business to:

Enhance interactions

Leverage the power of your data

Find patterns to shape your business

Why now?

Computing power of the cloud—Makes storing and processing huge
amounts of data more feasible than when information was stored on PCs or in-house servers.

Advanced algorithms—Means machines can now perceive the world through speech, translation, and object recognition at levels on par with humans.

Massive amounts of data—Enable the training of advanced machine learning models that power AI systems.

Enhance interactions

Infuse AI into your existing applications to enable more personalized experiences, for example facial recognition or distilling actionable information from images exposed to an app.

Use chatbots to help engage your customers faster while keeping interactions natural.

Leverage the power of your data

Use data and insights gained from AI systems to discover new ways to improve products, help reinvent your business model, or potentially generate new revenue opportunities.

Find patterns to shape your business

Intelligent automation can help lower costs while increasing sales.
Easily build apps that learn and adapt over time, so you can save money with preventive maintenance.

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