Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the most important process in most business operations. Companies that care about retaining existing customers and driving business growth gives utmost importance to customer relationship management. This is the case with business establishments in Dubai, UAE as it is for companies in other parts of the world.

Over time, companies have moved all components of the CRM process to be managed on digital platforms. Specialist software service providers have created comprehensive CRM software packages that can analyze data generated from interactions from customers throughout the lifecycle of a particular customer engagement. This analysis and the conclusions derived from it, when strategized and implemented well, leads to improvement in customer interaction, retention of relationships, better service delivery in the future and overall business growth.

CRM system solutions in Dubai, UAE

There are very many software solutions available in Dubai, UAE that purport to provide comprehensive CRM solutions. However, many of these systems are only capable of performing only a few of the functions, e.g. collect data from customer interactions, but does not effectively analyze and create strategies. For a CRM system to be effective, it should be able to collect data from all physical and virtual interactions customers make using the many offline and online platforms of the company including its sales offices, showrooms, service locations, sales and marketing handouts and events, call centers, websites, mail lists, social media platforms, etc.

The CRM system should be able to analyze all the data collected from these sources and deliver relevant and precise information to the staff handling customer service that will enable them to provide satisfactory service to the customer that they are handling.

A regular CRM software seller may not have sufficient skills to understand the particular requirements of your business and the software being sold may not be customizable to cater to these requirements. Instead, the preferred route for CRM system implementation for many businesses in Dubai, UAE is to appoint and Business Consulting Services provider (Consultant). The consultant chosen for this should have staff the necessary qualifications and skills to thoroughly analyze the requirements of your business and recommend a CRM system that can manage all aspects of your CRM process and will be most effective in delivering seamless services to your customer.

One of the most important components of an effective CRM system for any business in Dubai, UAE is a flexible and responsive Queue Management System (QMS) that is embedded into it and guides your customer relations personnel to manage and prioritize service delivery. A functional QMS should be able to give personalized and real-time information to the customers so that they can go through a business engagement with your company in the most possible stress-free manner. The QMS should be a combination of physical displays and signages and virtual alerts and information made available on various platforms and apps to guide the customer to the right customer service executive in the shortest time possible. The QMS should be able to design waiting times and progress across queues for a customer based on historical behavior, probable worth of the business transaction, etc. An effective QMS is thus an essential component that can enhance the overall customer experience and lead to customer retention and business growth.

It is imperative that the business owner in Dubai, UAE approaches a proven service provider to procure, install and service a robust CRM system. The Solution Consulting FZCO is well placed in Dubai, UAE to provide end-to-end Business Consulting Services. We have staff with extensive experience in providing consulting services across various business verticals. Our staff have the required skills a CRM system that meets the specific requirements of your CRM process and delivers a seamless customer experience that will enhance customer retention and propel business growth.

Contact us today for more information on how to make use of our CRM systems to drive your business growth.

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