Customer-centric businesses worldwide are actively looking for technologies that let them create strong relationships with customers, leverage the power of actionable insights, impart unmatched user experience, and close deals faster. Proficient and booming technologies like Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of Sales and Marketing come with robust capabilities that map out customer journeys, nurture sales from lead to conversion, and automate critical sales and marketing operations. Today, business leaders across the world are increasingly gravitating towards artificial intelligence to precisely analyze rapidly shifting market trends, evaluate fluctuating customer behaviours, and identify opportunities.

Today, more than 80% of industry experts and 66% of organizations across the world realize the significance of AI in honing their competency and integrating it in some form in their sales and marketing activities.

AI-led Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Dynamics 365 offers actionable and decisive AI-driven insights about the market’s current sales pitch to help businesses focus on the right clients, establish reliable connections, and find new leads. By creating a consistent strategic sales process for your entire sales team, AI offers a way to convert a potential client.
  • Real-time analytics and insights based on historical data, current patterns and predictive information constantly fuel strategic sales and highly probable consumer targeting.
  • Furthermore, through the use of collaborative tools like Microsoft Teams, a contemporary hub for meetings, documents, and business applications, and well-known tools like Outlook, Excel, and SharePoint that seamlessly integrate with Dynamics 365, sales productivity is multiplied by many times.
Automating Marketing Campaigns
  • Modern multichannel marketing campaigns are easily and effectively streamlined through automation. Through this, running an email campaign, promoting an event, creating interactive online forums and generating leads is so much better and easier than before.
  • Intelligence is embedded into every facet of sales and marketing strategies, from dispatching perfectly timed messages, and analyzing individual customer journeys to generating automated reports, and ultimately filtering out and converting leads.
  • Marketing campaigns no longer go by one-size-fits-all strategies. Personalized approaches, real-time collaborations, and unique experiences have proven to give better results at nurturing leads and closing deals.
Dynamics 365 Copilot: A Gamechanger
    Microsoft has recently previewed Dynamics 365 Copilot, the world’s first AI copilot enabled for both CRM and ERP platforms. Copilot delivers the power of next-generation AI capabilities to the users of Dynamics 365.
  • It works with business professionals to instantly generate ideas and content, automates manual and time-consuming tasks, and seamlessly gathers actionable insights with unmatched precision and agility.
  • It is here to revolutionize legacy sales and marketing processes. The Copilot lets the team focus entirely on customers and results, by effectively automating emails, responses, and feedback with 100% data accuracy and detailing.
  • It follows up with customers with AI-generated meeting summaries dealt with in natural and conversation language patterns.
  • A Copilot feature in Dynamics 365 Marketing lets the team instantly turn ideas and topics into fresh and engaging copies, letting them sprint from idea to completion.
  • Drafting emails and responses with relevant data and ideas is absolutely simplified, saving hours of time brainstorming, writing, and editing.
  • The marketing team can directly gain access to customer data insights without relying on an analyst with the help of the Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is on a steadfast mission to revolutionize customer-centric businesses with innovative, automated, and resilient technology. AI is definitely the new way into this vision. Powerful AI capabilities assimilated by Dynamics 365 help organizations across the world to drive exceptional business outcomes, enhance operational efficiency, and create unmatched customer experiences.

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