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Business and IT Consulting

As a new age technology company, we understand a mere expertise in technology isn’t enough to support enterprises in their business transformation. We bring a mix of consulting and technology experience and expertise throughout the relationship. We do not acquire clients, rather form partnership, where we have a skin in the game and are there with you through the journey from building the initial business case to delivering the targeted business outcomes.

Business Consulting

With the technology landscape evolving at a pace never experienced before and the growing interconnectedness across boundaries at a scale never seen before, the world of work is transforming fast. Organizations are being asked to adopt new behaviors to be part of this transformation – by being more collaborative, more proactive, and more innovative.

Placing People at the heart of your operations, leveraging Technology at speed, and enabling continuous innovation in Processes, organizations can transform to realize long-term value for people, business, and society.

With our core expertise in technology, we ensure that your adoption of technology is aligned with the people, so it improves productivity, and processes, so it improves outcome. We do so by handholding people through the journey and beyond, and meticulously studying your processes to improve them where apposite and tweak the technologies to fit the processes.

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IT Consulting

Technology has always been around but it’s only in the recent past that it has permeated globally, in a way that is rewriting how we do everything. With consumers behavior increasingly moving towards digital, businesses are more than ever leveraging technology to grow their reach and enhance consumer experience.

At TSC, we can help organizations build a customer-centric digital ecosystem. With a wide array of Microsoft technologies and our expertise, we can help organizations in their efforts to transform customer and employee experiences. Organizations can leverage technology to streamline processes end-to-end to improve bottom-line while enhancing their sales and marketing capabilities to grow topline.

An ERP solution is a way to transform your business. At TSC we don’t believe in acquiring clients and delivering projects, but rather partnering with organizations in the digital transformation journey. We walk together through the journey and beyond to make sure the goals are met, and new standards are set. With a 50+ member team and a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner having successfully delivered 100+ ERP projects, TSC is well positioned to help in your business transformation journey.

Engagement Models

At TSC, we do not acquire clients, rather form partnership, where we have a skin in the game and are there with you through the journey from building the initial business case to delivering the targeted business outcomes. TSC uses a variety of engagement models to meet the individual needs of each of our customers:
  • Time & Expenses: Pay according to actual man-hours used and actual expenses incurred, if any. The scope of the project is usually adjusted along the way.
  • Fixed Cost: If you can define the solution in detail upfront, we can quote a fixed price for your project. The requirements specification must remain frozen throughout the project if you choose this model.
  • Support Package: Invest in several man-hours upfront to allow us to handle small ad-hoc tasks without the hassle and delays caused by many small invoices and payments.
  • Dedicated Resources: Achieve the best results and get the best prices by entering into a long terms agreement for resources that are dedicated to working exclusively on your projects.


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