Demystify the Cost & Duration
of D365 ERP Implementation
When looking for an ERP solution for your business, understanding of the investment (time & money) is critical. Our brief report uncover this to make you better informed as you initiate an ERP journey.

This report intends to help you understand primary factors at play to determine overall cost & duration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation :

  • Cost & Duration of Standard Implementations
  • Impact of number of Entities & Userbase
  • Cost & Duration of Customized Implementation

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We were able to streamline processes end-to-end from retail store to production. The process of taking customer measurement in the store, getting custom designs and passing them to the production department was completely automated. This provided better visibility and ability to cater to varied customer requirements.

COO One of the prominent Apparel Manufacturing & Retail Organization in Middle East

Improved business insight and reporting, streamlined end-to-end business processes, and achieved economies of scale to enable growth. Improved project management, payroll processes, resources and equipment handling, and procurement and inventory management.

CFO One of the prominent Construction & Real Estate Organization of UAE

Employees now easily access, manage, and share data from any location, supporting the remote work environment. Business leaders use accurate, current data to make informed decisions, and customers have real-time visibility into orders and inventory.

VP - Information Technology Leading Perfume Retailer of Middle East

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