The bedrock of a company success is quick and quality customer service. Microsoft Dynamics AX is an integration of the latest efficient centralizing technology for management of the essential information connected to customer servicing including interactive engagement, satisfaction, sales and more. What businesses now know is that cloud-based technology supported software, like Microsoft Dynamics, is profoundly shaping and driving the way global business is now conducted, to ensure quick response across the lifecycle of any and every transaction.
Today it’s not just an issue of having savvy technology solutions, for the sake of having it, rather it’s about having the capability of making the administrative decision-making process efficient and faster.

We take our leadership role as Dubai Microsoft Dynamic partners in the ERP industry seriously. Having the right software is often times the determining factor supporting decisions that need to be both efficiently and quickly.
This ERP comprehensive management tool allows your company to increase and ensure productivity with automated performance reporting. You can feel secure with this all in one ERP solution that delivers the best choice for financial and product servicing management with the goal of developing business to thrive in global markets. Global competition requires all businesses to face the challenge of data centralization, access, analytics, optimization, and management, including reporting and sharing.
Microsoft continues to design research supported tools that are powerful and empowering companies to customize and manage data that ensure customers satisfaction, product and service improvement that is affordable and proven worth the investment.

For example:
• Customization of operating processes into manageable itemization that are easily accessible using dashboard features.
• Modules for reporting, budgeting, and data warehousing
• Generating, tracking the best sales leads
• Compatible and adaptable features, and much more

Where Do You Go After Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX?

You can now relax and grow because Microsoft Dynamics AX equips companies with the ability to organize and prioritize operational processes. Now services and products are provided to customers as easy, quick and efficiently as possible. Customers are engaged and satisfied, your representatives are appropriately provided with secure data and tools that enable them to meet compliance with customer mandates. And to the satisfaction of all corporate stakeholders, the Microsoft Dynamic AX software provides a flexible and cost-effective solution to what could be an expensive and taxing operational EDI system. Whether your business is small, medium or large, using Microsoft Dynamic AX software solutions you’ve placed the company at a huge global advantage. Let our Microsoft dynamic AX partners equip you with the tools to successfully evolve as the market shifts often unpredictably. The goal of design meets the goal of every company, to improve customer engagement and to improve marketing success which ultimately translates into the increase in sales and company growth.

Microsoft Dynamics AX a powerful ERP solution for multi-site, and multi-country international enterprises is reinventing the way businesses manage processes. Dynamics AX is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system majorly implemented for large enterprises with powerful, agile and easy-to-use solutions that can help your business succeed today and tomorrow through the ability to make smarter decisions with increased speed. Our Company ‘The Solutions’ Microsoft Dynamics Certified partner -optimize Microsoft Dynamics AX to bring the enterprise-level functionality for Operations to mid-market businesses with the local attention of our highly qualified industry consultants with an affordable price-point and timely execution.

Microsoft Dynamics AX handles both Operational and Administrative processes of an organization. With Microsoft AX you can manage all the task including Accounting, Business Reporting, Financial, Marketing, Retail, Sales etc. Microsoft Dynamics AX has capabilities such as:

  • Financial Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement and Sourcing
  • Project Management and Accounting
  • Sales, Service, and Marketing
  • Retail
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting

As Microsoft Dynamics Certified partner – ‘The Solutions’ delivers a rich industry foundation on which partners implement packaged applications for areas such as high-tech manufacturing, architecture and engineering, and specialty retail. These capabilities of AX can help you to better your ability to cope with individual market changes and challenges by providing unchallenged innovation in a single ERP solution for key industries such as -manufacturing, distribution, retail, services, and the public sector.

AX for Manufacturing Organizations:

AX support manufacturing organization to compete in the global environment. As it operation is time oriented, it helps the Organization to respond to customer demand in a speedy manner. With its multi-operational efficiency it reduces operational cost. Manufacturing organization can easily assess customer demand and drive for innovation. It also facilitates people in taking action through its operational intelligence.

AX for Services Organizations:

AX has the capability to support talent driven and project-centric business having multiple practices and offices. It helps to foster the reliability and unparalleled client experience which have the capacity to manage repeatable, distinctive and highly responsive service experience of diverse teams. It paves the way for growth and monetary allocation for the talent through balance utilization across boundaries while upbringing creativity and innovation of the employees. AX will provide more insight and action in a very less time frame by streamlining the project execution and operation with sophisticated tools.

AX for Retail Organizations:

AX at the Retail Organizations provides a complete shopping experience by coordinating multi-channel management, store operations, merchandising and financials. As it is easily connected to each retail entity via media it globally reaches customers to have a better shopping experience with Omnichannel control. By providing better productivity and exceeding customer engagement in the retail sector it proved to be more personally relevant through contextual, instant insight and complete order management at the point of service. With smart and easily manageable Omni channel solution, AX provides relevant information for the future requirement and easily calculate its monetary value to meet the brand promise.

AX for Distribution Organization:

AX has a single unified solution for distribution organization to connect your people, operations, and partners to make all the operations globally easy and act upon new opportunities. A business process is configured properly across extended supply chain using a unified solution and figure out the operation easily visible for the management. In AX workflows are employed in a demand-driven environment to facilitate demand planning and meet the customer requirement in rapidly changing conditions of distribution organization. Also, streamline the operations of distribution forces to easily manageable and increase the scalability to the multisite capability to cut down the risk.

AX for Public Sector Organization:

AX have the capability to provide quick access to the information, so the decision can be taken easily and as fast as possible. With flexible tools employees can concentrate more on productivity. AX Applications are enabled based on the role, so the government workers are guided accordingly through their work, allowing them to be more productive and innovative. In addition to accountability, it will provide real-time insights on up-to-date financial and operations work to make a confident decision in their field. As it addresses constituent's needs and challenges, employees can easily manage the work and inspire them to be more productive.

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Build personalized experiences across all customer touch points—from consideration to purchase.

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