Microsoft NAV

As partners of Microsoft Dynamics, we work with business from multi-faceted industries to ensure your company has the modernized tools to deliver quality services efficiently, by customizing and managing data systems to fit your unique need. NAV is the most popular Microsoft dynamic tool for the management of financial across the business community including accounting, finance manufacturing, distribution, customer service management, supply chain, analytics, e-commerce and more. A lot comes with this full-featured ERP solution. It is the best choice for utilizing your company unique need for data organization.

For high-level dashboard demonstration performance including, item creation, billing, routing, delivery and more,
Microsoft NAV is an indispensable manufacturing solution with features that help control small to large data sets, real-time flow visibility, item flushing methods and more. The fundamental function of this system is to integrate all data across organizational into a single system by using integration across common databases, including finance, distribution, warehousing, human resources, sales and marketing, purchasing, manufacturing and more.

This Dynamic Microsoft tool provides helps businesses create and control the flow of product servicing. Like all research-based Microsoft Dynamics, it is an application that gives you choice.
Creating items your company need including purchase orders, sales orders, inventory management and more.

  • Secure point portals to access and share repositories to create, maneuver and manage company information
  • Decide what information to set up and where to set it up

It is an efficient and hassle free bridge to company modernization and innovative transformation that is the next step to global competitiveness but it doesn’t have to be daunting or complex because it is affordable and we are here to walk with you every step of the journey.


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Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an easy-to-use system with rapid adaptability, online business capabilities, and custom applications. Your entire company will have the industry specific functionality you need, at a local or even regional level of operations, unleashing the full power of ERP.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, employees can become more effective and the company more competitive. Storing information from across your organization into one centralized database, the system is simple to use and allows your team to work quickly and efficiently.

  • Integrated financial manufacturing
  • Supply-chain & inventory management
  • Sales and marketing tools
  • Project coordination
  • Human resources & services management
  • Master production scheduling
  • Quality assurance


The best decisions for your organization are taken when there is information available to anticipate customer needs and learn their preferences in real time. Become a dynamic company and connect to your customers when, where and how they prefer.