Queue Management System in UAE

How queue management system works?

Long queues remain one of the most common reasons for customer dissatisfaction and its management a perennial problem for businesses. To minimize the negative impact of long queues on customer experience and your business, an effective queue management system (QMS) should be put in place that will not only enhance in-store customer experience but will also help increase operational efficiency and staff productivity of your business.

Queue management system has become a necessary element for many of the businesses in Dubai, UAE. It has found widespread use in multiple industries including education, healthcare, banking, insurance, telecom, and government. When an effective queue management system is implemented with the right type and numbers of token vending machines and display panels located strategically across the premise, businesses in Dubai can increase the level of customer service satisfaction, enhance their brand image and gain a competitive edge among its competitors.

Getting to know the workings of a queue management system

Creating a better shopping environment where customers don’t have to wait in long queues can make a huge difference to key business outcomes, as well as overall customer satisfaction. Evolving technology has enabled companies to manage and streamline queues, reduce customer waiting periods and increase staff productivity. A queue management system helps to locate key areas for improving the queuing experience from the data gathered from customers and business performances of the day.

QMS can be customized depending on the specific industry, be it retail, hospitality, finance or healthcare. Selecting a queue management system should be carried out only after considering the current and future requirements of the business.

Types of queue management systems in Dubai

There are various QMS for businesses in Dubai to choose from depending on their industry requirements and budget. Some types of queue management system come with the capability to be integrated with digital signage solutions and customer feedback solutions to ensure better customer experience. The main types include:

Ticketing queue management system – This system is ideal if you are looking to manage waiting lines in your location. It automatically tracks the customer volumes, waiting and transaction times. In this system, customers enter your place of business and select the service they want on a touch screen kiosk and take a ticket. Having entered the waiting area, your visitor can observe the LCD screen, on which the information is updated and the progression of the ticket number can be viewed. The visitor comes to the service window, when his/her ticket number appears on the central display with the number of the counter which renders the specific service.

Virtual or electronic queue management system – Any location which has to deal with large and regular flows of visitors and offers multiple services requires virtual queuing. This system optimizes customer flow by allowing customers to join a queue before they arrive. Customers and visitors can enter a queue by taking a ticket via different channels such as mobile app, online appointment, self service ticketing kiosk and web ticketing and join the queue when it’s their turn.

How well you manage your queues in your business can have a huge and long-lasting impact on your customer service and ultimately your bottom line. It is therefore essential to invest in a good queue management system that can give your customers access to the services they need without wasting their valuable time which can ultimately lead to increased shopping frequency, customer loyalty, overall customer spend, and thus to a profitable growth for your business.

Solutions Global provides you with standard and customizable queue management solutions that will help you transform your service area and improve customer experience. Our queue management systems are designed to cater to the diverse queuing requirements of various industries and supports integration with existing systems.

Let us at Solutions Global based in Dubai, manage your queues and make the queuing process easier for both you and your customer with our effective queue management systems.

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