AX for Equipment Management

EMS or Equipment management systems are designed to keep track of the equipment’s servicing and maintenance status in organisations. We at Solutions Consulting uses a systematic method of surveillance that let's efficiently manage equipment services from initial purchase to selling/renting of equipment and until final delivery.
This facilitates smooth and effective registration of all equipment through a simple, easy process by associating it with an inventory item. Inventory item, in turn, makes equipment transaction tracking much simpler, ensuring tight & appropriate quality check during buying, producing or during sales operations. Moreover, it also provides a comprehensive view of warranty information with the ability to configure the equipment’s warranty date.

AX for Payroll

Microsoft Dynamics AX performs the complete customer support chain, and provide social insights, business intelligence function accurately, even on the mobile devices as well. Considering the internal operations of an organisation, it helps in the quick & easy setup of payroll configuration; functions such as salary processing, pension, EIC automatic pay for employees etc. It keeps a check on the benefits, deductions and helps in the complete control of audit reports and figures and also on all other financial account reports. One major relief that would lessen the burden of your HR team would be the implementation of a web-based time reporting, that manages entry and exit, managing of online applications etc. In a nutshell, this can help in getting rid of the complicated paperwork and file stacks.

AX & CRM for Consumer Goods

Missing out on a comprehensive software to consolidate your consumer good & distribution data? Automating your goods distribution process would help synchronize data and supply process, thus enabling the organisation to make fast and accurate decisions based on changes in demand or disruptions in supply. It also helps firms to be better equipped according to change in the consumer good industry and it wavering trends. Based on key performance indicators, you can track sales and inventory, streamline operations on the shop floor and beyond, arrange financial needs, calculate delivery dates and set up an efficient campaign flow. By bringing a structure to the whole process organisations can also collaborate effectively with suppliers, partners, and customers, globally, expand their operations. While AX assists you in controlling your business from start to end, CRM helps get you a better understanding of your actual outcomes versus forecasted revenues, to read opportunities and let go of destructive policies that might affect your organisation. Data Integration and automation for a complete 360-degree view of the customer, provides standardized information based on which it ensures a complete quality control, measures sentiments across social media and get insights to better business and helps in retailer management.

CRM for Building Product Manufacturers, Dealer Management & Process Manufacturing

By implementing CRM for building product manufacturers, it helps track progress and helps ensure smooth fulfilment with project and job tracking through data integration, smoothening the account management process and finding the right sales head for the project. We also help in dealer management, by generating accurate quotes quickly and identifying strong opportunities in business deals. Like how we facilitate the smooth operation of product manufacturers, we also help in the smooth functioning of process manufacturing.

Field Service for Equipment Asset Management

We optimise workforce management by tracking assets required for projects, predicting operational needs and required maintenance based on accurate estimates of real- life workloads and use scheduling tools to ensure confidence and enhance project efficiency.