Retail Industries

Retail is a much more competitive and complicated marketplace in the modern times. The functioning turns so complex with multiple operations going on that it becomes difficult to achieve even a simple task. To ease the scenario Solution Consulting help businesses and brands by implementing Microsoft Dynamic AX, increasing the functionality and scalability of retail-focused businesses. Its feature to unify merchandising, fulfilment, POS, and promotions in all-in-one scenario deliver the experience customers demand everywhere. MS Dynamics 365 also has the complete oversight of the customer delivery using powerful analytics. MS Dynamics 365 allows to personalize point of contact and can provide business again and again with agile service.

AX for Retail

Replete with functionalities for managing multi-channel sales and curating great, personalized customer experiences, its
merits include:

Powerful Merchandising

Forget the stack of files stored in complicated folder structures-which is both error-prone and time-consuming. Here unified
communication tools multiple categories and products will be efficiently managed under a single category tree.

Omni-Channel Management

Businesses can now centralize their requirement and operations and also regulate activities and share them easily across different channels in a smoother, smarter way via online ecommerce sites, mobile devices, and social channels etc. Cross-channel scenarios, such as buy online and pickup in store, also add to heightened customer convenience and satisfaction.

Flexible POS

Due to varying market trends, businesses needs transactions and operations to be done in a more flexible, swift manner. You can now showcase your items in the mobile POS and take advantage of powerful capabilities including split tender, customer returns with and without a receipt, category hierarchies, quick search functionality, and product comparisons etc.

Global Reach and Scalability

Higher the end-to-end solutions, broader the business traction and visibility. With such flexible solutions, you can now adapt to purchasing trends and merchandising requirements since expansion is also possible across geographies and locations through multi language and multi-currency support.

CRM for Loyalty Management

If you ever feel that your in-sales and user engagement system is backsliding a bit, keep the thoughts at bay because that's where loyalty programs comes into play. Industries are working harder to derive traffic & engagement and this might be possible through a CRM Equipped with loyalty program. In order to bring the attention of targeted customers, some sort of incentive or reward is given, but how are the programs effectively managed? We got you covered! We at Solutions Consulting help handle Customer Awards, Promotions, Customer Self-Service, Marketing and Promotions Campaign Reports and much more through Microsoft Dynamics 365- based loyalty program. It helps increase customer traction & retention by rewarding customers based on purchase habits. This includes providing loyalty tiers; Silver, Gold, Platinum etc. It also define earning rules based on purchase activity, from various channels including web, POS, in-store, and phone orders, track customer buying patterns, communications with brand, empower customers to check award balances and claim reward points for all activity, reports and analytics to gain insight into award tier and purchase behaviour etc.

Retail Churn with Advanced Analytics

With the increasing competition in the retail industry, it's important to gather tactics to stay ahead in the race. Hence there is a need to optimize the business process in real time, be proactive for smooth functioning and customer retention. Understanding and capturing customer behaviour, personalizing customer data, targeting product promotions etc. through our Advanced Analytics solution allows retailers to simulate marketing campaigns for multiple demographic groups.

Key highlights of this solution include:

  • Understand the basics of your customer base. (Who they are? Where they live? What is their history?).
  • Train a model of customer churn using machine learning techniques to predict the causal conditions.
  • Simulate different marketing campaigns using the trained model and provide dollar figures to the opportunity cost of those campaigns.
  • Prescribe specific campaigns to target different demographic groups in order to minimize churn probabilities.


TSC can help businesses reduce churn, prescribe marketing campaigns to specific demographic groups and increase subscriber retention. This solution uses your existing customer data to create models and insights that will generate value that can be reused multiple times in the future.