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Sales and Customer Experience

Customer experience encompasses the entire journey—from the initial marketing outreach or enquiry to the service or product purchase, from the purchase through the delivery of product or service and ongoing support for retention and growth. The customer cycle goes on requiring organizations to offer a seamless and consistent experience throughout. Are you putting the customer at the center of this journey?


While it is a common understanding to keep customer at the center through the customer lifecycle, the reality is many a time very different. Disparate systems, inconsistent processes, and a lack of data-driven insights lead to similarly disparate, inconsistent, and irrelevant customer experience.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM empowers the organization to take control over business and re-imagine business opportunities. The solution is a full suite of sales, marketing and services that seamlessly integrates the entire customer lifecycle.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been split into modular apps, all of which are available as part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation.



  • Allows you to put all your customer information at one place
  • Guides you to understand more about the behavior of your customers
  • Secure platform for your customer data
  • Grow with your business
  • User friendly

Our capabilities

With expertise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services across verticals, TSC has a proven track record in delivering cost effective CRM solutions to various clients around the world. Employees can expect a more user-friendly system than a complex and over-engineered solution, delivered with 100% commitment on timelines and scope from initial advisory services through the implementation and successful adoption of the system by your employees in order to make sure you get the necessary return on your investment.


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