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Customer engagement and loyalty are important to retain your best customers. The happier your customers are, the higher your overall ROI will be. Customer loyalty programs using the right tools can help.

The whole point of a loyalty program is to acquire customers, retain them, and increase their lifetime value with your brand. This, however, is only possible if customers feel you are benefitting them in a way that a competitor isn’t. Your best chance at success starts with understanding what your customers want, and how you can deliver on those needs to provide consistent value.

We turn to modern customer loyalty data to help you understand today’s customer expectations, plus methods for how you can pinpoint exactly what your customers want. For the past 4 years, Insytio has been providing cutting-edge IT solution for improving customer engagement. A well-managed customer loyalty program can increase value from existing customers up to 90%.

Today, we bring you a product that will modernize your marketing strategy so you could engage new & existing customers using personalized content. The loyalty feature of Insytio lets you specify the types of rewards that you offer your customers. You can offer additional incentives to customers who spend more in your stores and you can also set up the rules that apply to the earning and redemption of those rewards and how those rules apply to your customer’s activities.

TSC Insytio is a comprehensive, technologically advanced system that allows you to create and realize successful loyalty programs with ease. Supporting both B2C and B2B operators, Insytio utilizes Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning mechanisms to help you identify individual patterns within your client’s shopping carts and provide offers that are perfectly in line with their preferences. The system has frequently proven that there are many ways of how you can expand your marketing territories. And thanks to its highly practical and business-relevant functionalities, building trust with customers has never been easier – just see it for yourself.

Our Capabilities

With a 50+ member team and rich experience in Microsoft Solutions, TSC is well positioned to help in your business transformation journey. As a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner, we have successfully delivered 100+ ERP projects. ERP implementation is a transformation journey and at TSC we don’t believe in acquiring clients and delivering projects, but rather partnering with organizations in the journey. We walk together through the journey and beyond to make sure the goals are met, and new standards are set. Our clients have gained real-time insights on business data, reduced production costs & achieved high success rates in the respective target markets.


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