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TSC Pharma 365

Pharmacies have high growth potential and ability to differentiate health systems within highly competitive healthcare markets. Operations is the heart of the pharmacy business and require the best tools and technology to drive workflow efficiency. Pharmacy operations demand that the needs of customers are met quickly and accurately. The Pharma 365 solution, built as an extension to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, helps your operations to readily meet the customer needs in a more efficient and logical manner that optimizes the inventory. Pharma 365 solution take care of every aspect of your operations whether it’s the interface for the pharmacist to retail delivery operations to managing expiry and insurance reconciliations. The solution offers:
  • User friendly and guided interface for pharmacists
  • Pharmacist and cashier level security
  • Return management
  • Real time stock visibility across network
  • Expiry tracking
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Delivery management and tracking
  • Promotions – Discounts, gift cards and coupons

Our Capabilities

With a 50+ member team and rich experience in Microsoft Solutions, TSC is well positioned to help in your business transformation journey. As a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner, we have successfully delivered 100+ ERP projects. ERP implementation is a transformation journey and at TSC we don’t believe in acquiring clients and delivering projects, but rather partnering with organizations in the journey. We walk together through the journey and beyond to make sure the goals are met, and new standards are set. Our clients have gained real-time insights on business data, reduced production costs & achieved high success rates in the respective target markets.


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Sobichan Joseph

Co-founder & CFO

Exp: 16+ Years with Dhanush Infotech, InTwo, Adrem Tech
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