Digitalization Journey

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Enabling Measurement Helper for an Apparel manufacturer

The Principal Consultant of TSC, Mr. Sajeer Abdul Assiz, shares a real-life digitalization journey of one of the manufacturing clients.


This abhaya manufacturing company houses 1000+ employees across multiple stores in different regions. They manufacture custom-designed abhayas and hence work closely with their customers. However, due to their manual/ nonuniform data management system, they faced issues with siloed data and increased miscommunication between store staff and customers, specifically regarding basic measurement and stitching requirements. This resulted in manufacturing errors and customer dissatisfaction.


TSC implemented for them multiple modules of D365- Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Warehouse Management, Retail, including POS Operation. They were provided with an intuitive platform using Power BI, which streamlines the selection of criteria based on quick suggestions. This has successfully fostered better compliance and agreement between the store staff and customers, and between the store staff and the production team.

At the POS, the sales order summary easily gets converted into a production order that seamlessly reaches the production team.


This functional application eliminates the hassles of collaborating and integrating data from multiple stores across multiple locations. On the production floor, the manual logbooks are replaced by kiosks that help scan and update the order status in real time.